The Kiddy Pool: Facebook for the Whole Family?

“Convincing kids—and their parents—to sign up the whole family for Facebook isn’t just about making the world a more open network. It’s big business.”

The Televangelist: Pretty Little Liars Unravel the Truth

“In this show, friends lie to nurture, protect, and save each other, always ultimately resulting in revelation and increased closeness.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Wormy War with Iran

“The United States, by its own official position, carried out an act of war against Iran.”

Eat Your Vegetables: Lola rennt and Dramatic Irony as Love’s Performance

“This movie is conflicted. On the one hand, the movie tells us, “Don’t think. Act.” On the other hand, it shows us that when we don’t think, our actions have horrible consequences.”

Mixed Signals: What Your Facebook Likes Say about Jesus

“Liking a page is so easy, so simple, a click doesn’t feel like an important decision. It’s only Facebook, we think. But as Facebook’s marketing strength grows, we may need to be a bit more selective with the pages we choose to be associated with.”

Music at Mars Hill: John Mayer and the Weight of Celebrity

“There’s a calmer and more controlled feel to Born and Raised.”

What Memes Mean: Life Moments in Live Lip-Dub

“What is the digital age and meme culture making our moments into?”

The Female Gaze: To Eat or Not to Eat

“Our culture does its best to place women in bondage to food, and in bondage to their bodies.”

The Holy Huddle: Is Sports Fandom a Bastion of Hatred?

“Is it okay for Gospel-bearers to participate in a culture of sports hatred?”

The Minority Report: Balancing Sex Education

“If we would take the time to carefully consider such motivations, we might find that we share something in common with those who promote a more liberal approach to sex education.”

The Moviegoer: Snow White Fails to Inspire

The most consistent summation of Snow White that I’ve seen is that it is a “missed opportunity,” and this seems an apt description.

Me, Jessica Simpson, and The Postpartum Road to Recovery

“Why do we love to look at pregnant women but still expect new mothers to look like they haven’t spent the last nine months making a human?”

The Televangelists: Game of Thrones and the Postmagic World

“I can’t help but wonder if Game of Thrones has succeeded because it shares a similar perspective on spirituality and supernatural events with our own culture.”

Not Fit for Dinner: A Better Amercia With Mitt

“Stories like #ObamaInHistory and #Amercia are interesting (and funny, to some extent), but they do not—or should not be allowed to—carry serious weight in political campaigns.”