Not Fit for Dinner: Welcoming Mormonism into the Fold

“The acceptance of a Mormon candidate is momentous because it is a sharp departure from the typical emphasis evangelicals place upon theological and doctrinal soundness.”

Sacred Space: Facebook as the New Door-to-Door Ministry

“If you are a Christian, how can you use Facebook to put your best foot forward?”

The Moviegoer: “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia,” and Narration as the Longing for Innocence

You need to watch Anatolia close enough to narrate the details for yourself; you may, like me, need–more than that, desire–to watch this film more than once. All the while, the film asks: What are we to make of this phenomenon?

Mixed Signals: The Price is Right! Right?

Marketers obviously know how to influence me. But I also admit that my internal spending matrix was constructed in U.S. society, heavily influenced by the spending values of our culture.

The Kiddy Pool: A Letter to My Children’s Future Therapists

“I know I’m not perfect; we all get only one perfect Parent, and I’m clearly not it.”

God and Country Music: “Salvation Song”–The Heart and Wisdom of the Avett Brothers

“The common grace of the Avett Brothers expressed in its most concentrated form in this song is essentially a billboard for the merciful character of God.”

The Televangelists: Revenge of the City Hunter

“What begins as the template for any knock-off revenge thriller playing to a tired old formula soon establishes itself as having very different goals.”

Paul Ryan: The Man With A Plan

By taking Ryan as his running mate, Romney is making some interesting statements about what kind of presidency he wants.

The Female Gaze: Conflict of Interest

“If we agree that abortion is the wrong way to protect women, we have to be willing to find the new and better way.”

Music at Mars Hill: Picking Sides in the Putin vs. Pussy Riot Case

“Is this a case of religious persecution or does Pussy Riot have legitimate political motivations?”

The Moviegoer: Bourne of Green Pills and Blue Pills

“The latest Bourne iteration is not quite as satisfying because it lacks the compelling moral-identity politics which made the action sets engrossing and not merely exciting.”

The Kiddy Pool: Teach Your Children Well

“What’s best for our kids is to develop their character while we let them be kids, and that sounds like a fruitful endeavor to me.”

The Televangelists: NBC’s Olympics coverage could be so much better

“There comes a time when enough is enough, when the coverage ceases to be emotional and becomes manipulative.”

Sacred Space: Accountability Beyond the Local Church

“If someone isn’t prepared for that kind of public scrutiny, they should probably reconsider blogging, publishing, or public ministry in general.”

Not Fit for Dinner: Rand’s Influence on Ryan

“When we reject a thinker’s foundational principles, it is our job to carefully probe the thinker’s ideas we accept to see what effect(s) the thinker’s foundational principles have upon those ideas.”

Mixed Signals: Nike Redefines Greatness

Nike was one that opted against paying the big bucks for exclusive sponsorship. It found another way to celebrate London though.