The Minority Report: Why I Quit Listening to Christian Music

“Singing along to CCM felt like some weird existential experience–standing outside myself applauding my own deep seated faith and many spiritual victories.”

Higgs Boson and the Goodness of Scientific Discovery

The Higgs Boson is one of the most important scientific discoveries in recent history. So what?

Sacred Space: There’s No Need for Cynicism

“To give in to cynicism is utterly unbecoming of the church of Jesus Christ.”

Under the Sun: Postmodern Athletics

Do sports spectators actually believe, or are they deceiving themselves into believing what they know is untrue?

Grace Notes: The Haunted World of David Eugene Edwards

David Eugene Edwards is arguably one of the most unique artists in Christendom.

Mixed Signals: You Are Your Brand

When I am honest and forthright about who I am—my beliefs, my skills, my standards—then people know me and what I stand for.

Music at Mars Hill: Future of Forestry’s Newest Shoots for the Stars

“FOF feels totally comfortable making music that sounds like it’s taking on the whole world one anthem after another.”

The Female Gaze: Belly Dancing with Confidence

“In belly dancing, everything that jiggles—everything our Photoshop culture tells us to hide—is beautiful, desirable, womanly.”

Called to Account by David Foster Wallace: The Pale King Wins the (CaPC) Pulitzer!

Examining the three Pulitzer finalists reveals an interesting trend.

The Kiddy Pool: Olympic Parenting

“‘Parent’ is a verb, and it’s gender neutral, whether one is an Olympian or an ordinary mortal.”

The Holy Huddle: Ye Shiwen and the Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion

“Ye and athletes like her are put into a no-win situation.”

Mixed Signals: Do Products Deliver the Simple Life We Crave?

“The real concern is that we begin to think that living a streamlined, simple life is as easy as buying a product.”

Under the Sun: The Cultural Shift from Disney to Chick-Fil-A

“Ten or twenty years hence, we will see the Chick-Fil-A uproar as the tipping point where the boycotters publicly assumed the position of the ‘buycotters.'”

The Female Gaze: No One Wins When Men and Women Play for Power

“Part of being Christian is caring more about others being alright than me being right.”

The Minority Report: McDonald’s on Chick-Fil-A Day

“… its important that we, as Christians, avoid turning absolutely every issue into a culture war of vast proportions. It just feels childish.”