The Still, Small Voice that Doubts Roe v. Wade

“Loccke, if she’s a feminist, ought to be more willing to listen to that still, small voice in her soul.”

In Praise of Memorizing Poetry

“We need poetry to speak the unspeakable, and certainly to speak for us when we find our tongues dumb and demure.”

Can ‘Unconventional’ Music Really Turn Your Kid Into A Delinquent?

“If a kid is prone to delinquent behavior, is that a result of listening to goth or hip-hop, or is it caused by broader socio-economic issues?”

American Girl Dolls: Created In Whose Image?

“So as I peruse Szwarc’s portraits, I wonder in whose image these dolls are made.”

Put Down Your Birth Plan: How Idealizing Motherhood Is Causing Post-Partum Depression

“The rite of passage that is pregnancy and childbirth is set upon a pink and blue pedestal in our culture, making for a nasty fall back to reality.”

Sex-Trafficking, Evangelical “Colonialism”, and the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

Hopefully, The Force Will Be Strong with J.J. Abrams

All criticisms aside, let’s hope that the Force is strong with this one, and that he is able to rise to the occasion.

The Cold and Broken ‘Hallelujah’ of the Evangelical Subculture

Frequently Searched Questions: Mensch Ben Bartlett

The Moviegoer: Hobbitses, Les Misérables, and Grace Notes Not Quite in Harmony

The “Gamification” of Education?

Be Fruitful and Multiply and Frack the Earth

Women Have Long Faced Danger in U.S. Military

The Coke’s On Us

Mixed Signals: A Sexy Celebration of Roe v. Wade?

Mark Driscoll, I really, really need an iPad.

“What we need to talk about are the ways we as Christians need to get off the merry-go-round of vitriol in dialogue.”