Three Lessons We Can Learn from The Recent Tim Tebow and Louie Giglio Debacles

Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ and the Likability of Artists

Every Song I Ever Wrote Was Written for You: Belle and Sebastian

Leave Baby Bear and His Doll Alone

“Making silly, absurd claims that confuse what the Bible expects of us and what our cultural context expects of us will do no good.”

God and Country Music: Ivan & Alyosha

I Am Not Abraham’s Mistake

Arabs are not the result of Abraham’s mistake: Derek Rishmawy explains how popular evangelical theology about Arab contradicts the gospel.

What’s Wrong with Pursuing Gifted Education for Our Kids?

“Too often even Christian families take an individualistic approach to our educational choices.”

Lying Is a Costly Activity

“Once you add up the physical, mental, and spiritual costs, lying doesn’t leave much to be desired.”

Asians Are More Than Terrorists and Samurai

“When Asians are perpetually portrayed as foreigners or ‘bad guys,’ it’s reasonable to assume that the culture at large will continue to think of Asians in those limited ways.”

Music Matters: Instrumental Pop Covers, Classical Mashups and Culture Making

The Kiddy Pool: Bedtime Stories, Morphine, and the Peace of God

Bedtime battles also make me think of the ways we resist what is good for us, as earthly children and as children of God.

The Dark Side of Modeling

How Should Harlem (And the Rest Of Us) React to the Harlem Shake?

“We forget that behind most (if not all) memes, there are real human beings who may or may not appreciate their culture being appropriated willy-nilly for our entertainment.”

The Next Pope Should be a Protestant (No, Not Really)

Google’s Project Glass: A Preliminary Understanding

“I’m excited to see what comes of Google’s work, and how people will use (and even misuse) this amazing technology.”

Welcome to the Grid: How Living on the Internet Changes Everything

What if we don’t live in a world of divided realms but rather, a world where the digital and the physical exist together as an ‘augmented’ reality?