Frequently Searched Questions: In which Everything is Terrible Online

Notes from the Margins: Because of Christ, It Gets Better

“To the ones being bullied, the church has a chance to step up and say: ‘I’m sorry for the words you have heard. We are here to tell you about the One who made you, who loves you and has a place for you in his kingdom.'”

Contraceptive Mandate: Accommodating the Accommodation

Faith in ABC’s ‘Zero Hour’? Don’t Bet on It

Where Zero Hour falls flat for me is in its blatant use of the standard “science versus faith” trope and in the implications that trope has for the show’s apparent definition of faith.

Humility Is The First Step To ‘Shalom’ On The Web

“We rarely consider that we might be wrong, that our thoughts, beliefs, and narratives may be skewed or inaccurate, especially if they’re in regards to a group of people with whom we have serious differences.”

The Moviegoer: Memorable 2012 Moviegoing

Do Physical Books Still Matter?

As Christians and thinkers, we need to consider the format of our reading in context with our desired result for that reading.

When Your Pop Idol Fails You

“The real shame here belongs to the fans — the ones who put their trust in a human, idolizing her, and making her purity a kind of measure of her worth.”

God and Country Music: The Wise Blood of American Music

The F-Word: Why Feminism Is Not the Enemy

Foundationally, feminism is something we can, and should, get behind.

How We Can Learn From Downton Abbey’s Gay Character

The Kiddy Pool: Institutionalized Parenting

It may not be that parents feel omnipotent; it may be that too many feel isolated from the support of the institutions that were originally designed to help them.

Music Matters: Al Walser, The Heretic of EDM?

It was as perplexing as the 1988 nomination and Grammy win of Jethro Tull’s “Crest of a Nave” album for the best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.

How Has Social Media Changed Customer Service?

“It’s good to ask how this shift is changing the nature of customer service, as well as the relationship between companies and customers.”

Why I’m Not Giving Up Facebook for Lent

“Using Facebook is one key way that I see His hand at work in the world and in the lives of people I know.”

What Would You Do to Get into Prison?

“In time, bondage becomes familiar, a known captor, and freedom looms unknown and scary.”