Jay Leno, NBC’s Youth Culture, and the Church’s Celebrity Culture

“One of the ironies of our age is that as the population increasingly dulls and grays, our focus shifts more and more to all that glitters and shines.”

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“There is no getting around this element of the New Radicals: they are right to critique American culture and the church’s compliciteness in valuing distinctly western ideologies.”

Lean In: A Christian Woman’s Perspective on Sheryl Sandberg’s Book

“When sermons nearly always characterize women as mothers who have sacrificed career for family, when Christian websites are eerily silent about women who work, and when a small but loud minority suggest working women are sinful, the church suffers.”

Haircuts in Cyprus: Our Crisis of Debt Conscience

Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Their Brutal Detractors, and the Struggle for Identity

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