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“But that scene with Pam and Jim reminded me of something more, too, of something that holds my marriage together in spite of my shortcomings.”

Music Matters: Feeding the Poor with Beauty in Music

“Without beauty, our souls would be as malnourished as our bodies would be apart from food.”

Dear Dr. Gosnell

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Millennials are more than passive consumers of the “radical” message, and they are driven more by love than fear.

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Touch thus emblematizes a Christian truth, one that is becoming increasingly evident in the technological era of human connectivity.

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The latest Barna poll says that the majority of American Christians act like pharisees. But do they?

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What the film misses is that Gatsby doesn’t truly care for Daisy so much as he cares about how attaining her fits in with how he’s imagined his ideal life.

God and Country Music: The Really Attractive False Heaven of Small Town Living

If I had the funds, I would be darn tempted to try to find the town that Morgan is talking about and buy a house there.