Mixed Signals: Amy’s Bakery Company Public Melt Down and the Purpose of PR

“Whatever the resolution, this is no PR success story.”

The Kiddy Pool: The Anniversary Trust Test

“All we can do each day is thank the Lord for new mercies, assess the trail, work through it, and take a deep breath together.”

ELSEWHERE: Is Human Cloning on Its Way?

ELSEWHERE: Porn—I Guess It’s Not that Victimless

Living the Gatsby Life

“Were I filthy rich and not a Christian, I would definitely pattern my life after the culture of The Great Gatsby.”

The ‘Star Wars Kid’ and the Dark Side of the Internet

“You may not have done something as terrible as tell some unsuspecting kid in an embarrassing video to kill himself, but you’ve responded to something similar in a mocking or derisive way.”

ELSEWHERE: Shaped on All Six Sides

ELSEWHERE: Surprise, Your Brother Is Actually Your Uncle!

Star Trek Into Misogynistic Darkness?

In scenes like that, and thousands of others, women are taught, “This is what you need to be. It doesn’t matter that Dr. Marcus is a genius or has developed a good, moral character, she looks like that in black underwear.”

Citizenship Confusion: When WORLD Mag Promotes a Radical Anti-Muslim Advocate

God and Country Music: Nostalgia, Alienation, and Home

Country music takes me back to a time when things were supposedly better.

ELSEWHERE: What Are The Clergy’s Views On Faith And Science?

ELSEWHERE: Seeking Validation through Social Media

Hope for the Military’s Sexual Assault Problem

Acknowledging that the military has a deeply entrenched problem of sexual assault does not make you anti-solider or anti-military.

iToddler: How Soon Is Too Soon To Expose Kids To Technology?

“I love iPads as much as the next Apple disciple, but I also recognize that their usage can be harmful.”

After the Bangladesh Garment Disaster, Signs of Negligence and Change

The shocking severity of this tragedy has brought into sharper focus the need for Western clothing brands to make great changes to their involvement in the factories that produce their garments.