ELSEWHERE: Black-and-White Flight, or, Where Have All the Nuns Gone?

Where Is My Mind: Neuromania And The Soul

“Science is really no closer to solving the age-old question of the soul than it was hundreds of years ago.”

CaPC Magazine, Issue #8: All In Moderation

ELSEWHERE: Shorn of Porn

Saying No to Yes-icide

“Yes-icide, at its core, is works-righteousness. We are trying to make up for the lack that we feel so greatly by saying yes to too many—even good—things.”

God and Country Music: Traditionalism as a Shadow of Reconciliation

“Country music doesn’t look far enough back, but it does have a traditional inclination that resonates with the heart.”

The Kiddy Pool: Over-Sharing and STFU, Parents

“Social networking turns most parents into writers who need to consider our children’s privacy.”

Rebuking the Romance Prosperity Gospel

If Scripture is so clear on rules for dating and romance, why do so many teachers add to it?

Benny Hinn, The Street Fighter

How Royal Baby Fever Points to a Royal Longing (Or: Yes, This is a #JesusJuke)

ELSEWHERE: “Dear Mr. Watterson” Explores The Ongoing Legacy Of “Calvin & Hobbes”

Can You Know Too Much About Your Body?

Let’s not forget that our value and quality don’t ultimately reside in mere data, but rather, comes from a deeper, truer Knowledge.

ELSEWHERE: The Curator Needs Your Help

Transfiguration Avenue: Michael Chabon and Relearning to See the World

“I love Chabon, but reserve my nightstand long-term for someone else.”

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