ELSEWHERE: Our Digital Soap Opera

The Candy Crush Saga Addiction

“Some people will pay to play Candy Crush Saga until they can’t cover their mortgage.”

The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not In the Way You Think It Did

“Whatever you do, don’t simply leave. If you do, you’ll rob yourself of the chance to see what Jesus is doing in that community He’s covenanted Himself to”

The Japanese Church: Healing A Wounded Nation

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ELSEWHERE: Like Most of Us, Pope Doesn’t Hate Gays

What Would a Biblical Immigration Policy Be?

“Acting as though the Bible only requires us to show compassion and acceptance toward legal immigrants is wrong and unloving.”

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ELSEWHERE: Bob Dylan’s Worth

Finding Super-Blessings Among Cinematic Bombs

“Hollywood only wants money.” “Superheroes glorify violence.” Among these super-criticisms, don’t miss God’s common graces.

A Spirit of Fear: How Our Assumptions Get In the Way of Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

The Last Battle of The Civil Wars

“Silver Linings” and Other Stories We Tell About Mental Illness

Many assume that mental illness is an objective phenomenon, isolated within individual bodies that behave in abnormal ways…but it just isn’t that simple.

ELSEWHERE: Wire Hangers and Angry Filters

What’s The Best Way To Talk To Little Girls?

How we talk to children matters.