The Kiddy Pool: Will You Still Love Me?

“But that is a paradox of the faith, that only my weakness and my emptiness can leave room for the Spirit to move within me.”

“In the Center of the Bullseye”: CaPC Interviews Derek Webb

Derek Webb talks about his extreme personality, his struggles with doubt, and why he kind of wishes he hadn’t written that song, “Thankful.”

Four Things Miley’s Twerking Tells Us

People will remember this performance because the girl they watched grow up as Hannah Montana spent the majority of her 6 minutes on stage “twerking.”

ELSEWHERE: What Kind of Customer are You?

Science Offers Its Version of Immortality

“Will humans ever stop dying?”

Corporate Culture and Christian Thought

“Much of the despondency, cynicism, and unhealthiness in the present day American workplace come because businesses place objectives above everything else.”

What It Means to Love 90s Christian Rock—A Free Sample from CaPC Magazine

In this sneak peek from Issue #10 of CaPCMag, Joel Heng Hartse considers how 90’s Christian music was actually kind of wonderful.

ELSEWHERE: Loving the Whore

ELSEWHERE: We’re Made for Relationship, Not Social Networking

Fighting Trafficking with Boom Bap and Rap

“Deeply passionate, the lyrics parallel brokenness and redemption.”

How Spotify and other Streaming Services Create Legal Artist Sweatshops

“I feel like I’m running an artist sweatshop through my computer.”

ELSEWHERE: Why Do People Pay Money To See A Movie They Don’t Plan To Watch?

CaPC Magazine Issue #10 is Now Available: Nostalgia

“Finding Nemo” didn’t lie to your kids; Pixar just chose to focus on deeper truths

Should Finding Nemo have been about a father and son hermaphrodite couple?

Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad?

“What message am I sending to my students by reading from my phone instead of a print Bible?”

Why the Powerful Often Lack Empathy

“It feels good to be king.”