While not being Wendy’s, there is expected customer-service when folks enter the door at the coffee shop I work at. I wonder what triggers inside a person when their response over whip-when-I-said-I-no-but-didn’t-ask-because-I-was-on-my-phone resembles a tantrum and outright disrespect for the person serving them. Yes, some people have bad days. When I read this at The Huffington Post I understood the writer’s side. So, what kind of customer are you?


  1. Two thoughts –

    I’ve worked the public for 25 years. It is so easy to let the 5% of really unreasonable customers sour my impressions of the other 95%.

    When I eat out, I always ask the server “how are you?” Far too often, they are surprised that someone would inquire about their well being.

  2. Speaking as someone whose current employment is a combination of “customer support” AND “technical support”, I can emphatically say that cursing, yelling, and/or insulting will do absolutely nothing to actually accelerate your service.

  3. What kind of person stands in a line while another customer berated, bullies, and curses at an innocent employee? Is this such good entertainment that the author just has to watch it play out to the end?

    This is the kind of customer I am: I’m the kind of customer who would have stepped between the enraged bully and the innocent victim and tried to do something to diffuse the situation, because good people don’t stand by and do nothing. Even if all he was armed with was a phone, he could have done some good by walking to the front of the line, holding up his phone, and stating, “I want you to know I’m filming this as evidence for corporate of how you treated this employee who has done you no personal harm.”

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