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Are we unhappy because life failed us or because our expectations set us up to fail?

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Can Driscoll’s Army of SuperMen Save the Church From Death and Destruction?

Do evangelical calls for Church-saving supermen encourage imitations of Christ or of worldly “masculine” behavior?

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Anxiety Is a Monster, and It Looks Like This

“Increasing our understand of and familiarity with the ways people suffer is a means of extending dignity and grace.”

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Hermelin’s article is an encouragement to look beyond labels, which, more often than not, are tools of dismissal and dehumanization.

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I Don’t Want to Lose My Landline

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This Is the End: A Crass but Surprisingly Sober-minded Film about the Final Judgment

A recent Hollywood exploration of the end of the world has surprisingly biblical things to say about judgment.

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Oprah Puts Rob Bell on Her Spiritual A-Team

“People read Oprah recommendations. They think about them and talk about them. That means a lot of people are going to be reading and thinking about Bell’s work, so we should should be ready to talk with them about it.”

The Kiddy Pool: Parental Ambition and ‘The White Queen’

“It’s nearly impossible to love and raise children without dreaming of their futures, without imagining successes for them that surpass our own.”

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Four Ways Voyager Reminds Us We’re Human

“The rational order we discover in the universe—the very thing that makes missions like Voyager’s possible—is a clue to our purpose.”

God and Country: Echoes of the Church in American Music

Popular music generally and Americana in particular are full of Christian relics—images, sounds, and pictures that innately yearn for their spiritual fulfillment.

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