Walking with the Dead: In which the Governor Remembers who He Is

“The Governor’s return comes only as he begins to see the value of the monster within.”

Here’s a Gift Idea: Great Graphic Novels for Kids

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks: Similar, but Different

How did the holiday that is supposed to help us be thankful for what we have, actually make it harder to be thankful?

Black Friday is a Monster that Must Be Stopped!

Black Friday has burst its bounds and is threatening to devour the single greatest holiday that we have left.

Moving Images: Interpreting Film In Spirit and Truth

Why Are We Still Surprised When “Entertainment” Does More Than Entertain Us?

“What is incredulous to me is this continuing idea that popular culture — be it rock n’ roll, television, video games, etc. — ought to still be considered as something not worth serious consideration and thought.”

The Human Generation: How the Last Generation of Videogame Consoles Changed Gaming Forever

“Videogames have revived themselves by moving the focus from computer processors and features, to human beings.”

The Knockout Game Myth and its Racist Roots

“Nobody seems to have any evidence that it’s spreading, or that it’s new, or that it’s racially motivated, or that black youths are the ones typically responsible, or that whites are typically targeted.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Silver Chair’

“It represents an approach to catechesis, teaching children precepts through memorization—not for the sake of rote knowledge, however, but so that the guidelines sink so deeply into children’s hearts that such commands become, in effect, a part of them.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘Surprised by Joy’

“Surprised by Joy supplied the defect of my Christian upbringing and didactic theology”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Screwtape Letters’

“The book opened my eyes to a spiritual plane that I had heretofore neglected—to my detriment.”

The Objectionable Fiction of ‘Immigrant Fiction’

“This is why the label ‘immigrant fiction’ offended me, because instead of acknowledging and engulfing such experiences into the community at large, it suggested that they are somehow deviant or misfit.”

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 11: Best of Show

Days before the 50th anniversary special, two CaPC writers choose their favorite “Who” stories, moments, and catchphrases.

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: Till We Have Faces

It exposes how we see ourselves and project our notions upon God—often quite erroneously and to our own demise.

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: “The Shoddy Lands”

“The lesson is that we should be mindful of the things, people, and ideas in which we invest ourselves.”

Jason Isbell’s Decoration Day and Stories of Truth

“in ‘Decoration Day’, Isbell has done what a long line of storytellers have done before him: giving us tangible truth in a beautiful, unquantifiable parable.”