Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘That Hideous Strength’

“It is a story of permanent struggle between the sacred and profane, between the earth and stone of Britain and the magic and spirit of Logres.”

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: ‘Perelandra’

The second “Ransom Trilogy” story captivated me with themes of a virginal paradise invaded by serious, haunting evil.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 10: Showing the Perfect Forever-Love Story

A time agent or lizard detective may promote other lifestyles. But Who fans only weep over true love stories such as that of Rory and Amy Williams.

The Kiddy Pool: Joy Is Sufficient

“To produce anything of worth, we need to spend time producing nothing fearlessly.”

Walking with the Dead: The Governor Returns, but will He be Redeemed?

“Throughout the show the child/parent relationship plays a vital role in helping a person keep a firm grip on reality, or lose it completely.”

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: ‘A Grief Observed’

“Sometimes all we know of God is his absence, and other times he appears as a scourge.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Problem of Pain’

“Lewis knows the comfort of knowing the truth, especially when it comes to the truth of a fundamentally trustworthy and loving God in the midst the pain.”

How to Revitalize Young Conservatives: Don’t Pal Around with Fools

“There’s no reason why figures like Barton, Beck, and Boykin should be treated as valuable allies by a leader like Senator Cruz.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Four Loves’

“It is grace in and of itself that enables any of us to be loved at all.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘Letters To Malcolm’

Prayer can bring tension and yet intimacy. C. S. Lewis helped remind me of its beauty.

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: “The Weight Of Glory”

“Our desires indicate the deep ways we long to be acknowledged and known by God.”

Faith and Basketball

“When the Bible says that faith is ‘the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen,’ it doesn’t limit faith to something only spiritual.”

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 9: From Dark Sci-Fi to Joyous Fantasy

In most of showrunner Russell T. Davies’s stories, “everything has its time and everything dies.” Steven Moffat’s stories more often exult, “Everybody lives!”

These Comedians Getting Coffee Are not My Friends

“I wish I were as funny as Mel Brooks or as upfront as Chris Rock, but this show reminds me that I don’t know enough about either of them to wish that.”

Lou Reed and the Iconography of Rock and Roll

“In the same way that religious icons represent larger realities, Lou Reed stood for his time and place in a way that few others have”

The Kiddy Pool: Jim Henson’s Compromise

“How many of us wrestle with the differences between our ideas of marriage and family and children and the daily realities?”