My Complicated Relationship With Sports

“I love college basketball and football, but the system is broken.”

It’s National Novel Writing Month, a Time to Delight in God’s Creative Act

Walking with the Dead: The Immanence of God in the Zombie Apocalypse

“For all his convictions that God is still out there, still working some ultimate plan, at Herschel’s weakest moments it’s not enough.”

A Veteran’s Thoughts on Veterans Day

“I want our children to know that while it’s a noble thing to support our troops, it’s equally important to question the policy of our military and of our elected officials who give them their orders.”

‘Ender’s Game,’ Genocide, and Moral Culpability

“The film’s vision largely distills the essence of the novel and in the process provides a more charitable reading of Card’s work than some of his critics.”

Snapchat and the Ghost of Communication

“We build relationships just a little bit every day, even if it is only ten seconds at a time.”

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 8: Christianity and “Whomanism”

“Doctor Who provides no consistent answer to the question of what the universe is made of, or whether there is a higher power above time and space. For the most part, the show adopts a clearly humanist mindset with regards to the matter around us. But then an episode like “The Satan Pit” comes about, throwing a wrench into our understanding of the universe.”

We Know Less About Our Universe Than We Think (and I’m OK With That)

Science is also a chief way in which humanity can increase in humility, as we realize that despite our many wonderful achievements, there will always be deeper and stranger mysteries.

Why Complementarian Women Should Read Jesus Feminist

According to guest writer, Lore Ferguson, Jesus Feminist is not the tired story of a woman raised in patriarchy and conservative theology who threw off her shackles after a theological awakening.

The Gospel According to Inigo Montoya (aka Mandy Patinkin)

Revenge will steal your life until you don’t know any other way to live.

The Kiddy Pool: “To My Favorite 17-Year-Old High School Girl”

U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins shares a poem on our significance and inconsequentialness.

What Christian Celebrities Can Learn from Jonathan Edwards about Handling Controversy

In one public debate Edwards raised the bar for how Christians should engage each other.

New Rules for User Comments: The Bottom Line for the Common Good?

There’s nothing wrong with growing a successful business and making money, along with using that opportunity to create more meaningful community.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 7: The Episode I Never Want to See Again

Daleks destroy, angels strike, and monsters chase, but in “Doctor Who” the most horrible villains absorb and “upgrade” human nature itself.

The Understated Power of Influence: Why Lou Reed is Such a Big Deal, Even If You’ve Never Heard of Him

“15 minutes of fame be damned: Lou Reed will have decades of influence.”