16. Kentucky Route Zero: “Playing Becomes a Kind of Rest” #CaPC25

Take a break from striving and let this game take you to a place of peaceful waiting and discovery.

17. House of Cards: “Only Us. Small. Solitary. Striving.” #CaPC25

The series highlights D.C.’s distinct regional emphasis on reputation and influence and shows how those specific forms of power are as intoxicating and sexy a seduction as any other.

18. Jason Isbell – Southeastern: “Some of the Most Powerful Fiction of the Year” #CaPC25

19. Feminism: “Women are Rising” #CaPC25

20. Mad Men: “There’s the Slightest Hope” #CaPC25

Todd Starnes Sold Us a War on Christianity. We Bought It.

Todd Starnes Sold Us a War on Christianity. We Bought It.

“Starnes sells us what we want to hear. We want to believe that we are the underdog. And Starnes sells us that story, wrapped in language of patriotism and faith.”

21. The Mindy Project: “Delivers the Laughs Without Delving into Snark” #CaPC25

22. Cart Life: “I Wanted to Make a Better Life” #CaPC25

23. Disunity in Christ: “A Prophetic Breath of Fresh Air” #CaPC25

24. When We Were On Fire: “The Dismantling of Christian Cliches” #CaPC25

25. From Up on Poppy Hill: “Argued More From the Heart” #CaPC25

Dances with Horses: One Year After Gangnam Style, a Former Resident of Gangnam Reflects

“Gangnam Style” presents itself to us as a valuable cultural barometer, a textual window into our world.

The Kiddy Pool: Free Lunches and Child Labor

“Whether we treat children in poverty as inmates or as brothers and sisters speaks volumes about the Gospel we preach and practice”

How the Grinch Graced Christmas

The Common Grace goodness of Dr. Seuss’s holiday story.

The Misguided Longing to be “Home Alone”

“Kevin McCallister’s goofy separation and reunion with his family speaks with remarkable perceptivity to loneliness and its antidote in meaningful community.”