The Ancients are Coming: Medieval Texts at Your Fingertips

I’m thankful that modern technology makes this work of preservation and dissemination possible.

Why You Should Lay Off the “Santa Claus is Real” Stuff (Because He’s Not)

The Santa myth is awkwardly forced into intersecting with the “real” world in ways that other great myths aren’t.

God and Country Music: 5 Christmas Country Songs That Aren’t Awful

Have You Misunderstood Apple’s New Holiday Commercial?

Let’s not fall into the trap of believing that the moment technology is involved, we become inherently anti-social, or that “instantaneous mediated nostalgia” and “real-life human connection” are mutually exclusive.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on Homosexuality: Abusing the Yuck Factor

Let’s go on and start loving each other, Phil. And let’s begin by being slow-to-speak and choosing our words wisely.

The Kiddy Pool: White Santa and White Jesus at Home

“It’s not just that Santa is most frequently depicted as white, it’s that so many people simultaneously insist on his whiteness as essential and obvious without recognizing what that says about how much race actually matters to us.”

The Undeniable Childhood Appeal of Father Christmas

Could Father Christmas be so gracious to answer that child anyway?

Why You Should Believe in Santa Claus (Even If He Doesn’t Exist)

The imagination is the highest faculty and, like other faculties, it does not spring fully formed. It must be exercised, practiced, applied.

Christmas Can Make It Hard to Remember That ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

“It surprises me how often I need to be reminded that Christmas should be a time of celebration.”

The Problem with the Daniel Diet

“Although the Daniel Diet is helping Christians become more conscientious about their health, the trend raises some questions.”

Facebook “Likes” Aren’t Enough, But Would a “Sympathize” Button Make it Worse?

How much sympathy can a click even give?

Science Fiction’s Dark Star: Alfred Bester at 100

Alfred Bester demolished the conventions of his genre, but in the process, his writing reached for the stars.

A Call for Writers

Aronofsky’s Noah: Light, as Refracted through Water

“We don’t want films that cynically exploit Scripture, but what do we want instead?”

I Want to Give You a Snopes Detector for Christmas

I want you to have a Snopes detector installed on your computer to keep you from posting silly things on the internet.

Hip Hop, Beauty, and the Eye of the Beholder

“The question we ought to ask about rap is not whether it proclaims God’s nature and truth to the world, but how.”