“That Which Nourishes Me Destroys Me”: Christopher Marlowe and Our Deals with the Devil

Like Marlowe’s Faustus, we all make our own deals with the devil in pursuit of “frivolous demands.”

CAPC Podcast #7 – Golden Coins, Golden Age TV, Hearthstone

Downton Abbey: Who Do You Love?

‘Downton Abbey’s’ relationships mirror our own sincere desires to be with people who we truly and deeply love.

J. K. Rowling: In Praise of Imagination

Through delightful engagement with Harry Potter, readers are pointed to the ultimate reality.

The Americans: Empathy for Spies

For guest writer Ryan Hamm, The Americans engenders an empathy that unpacks motivations and actions for people he’s always assumed are the faceless enemy.

Arts & Faith Announces Their “Top 25 Divine Comedies”

All of these films, in one way or another, explore existential wonder, longing, or desire for redemption.

Holy Relics: The Pastor’s Microphone Headset

With hands free, the body is free to emphasize just how much the truth has set one free.

CAPC Podcast #6 – Snake Handling, Tonya Harding, and Courthouse Commandments

Walking with the Dead: The Greatest Good

The reality of loving in a broken world is that sometimes our love can have serious negative consequences.

Worse than a Wardrobe Malfunction: America’s Misdirected Outrage

It’s even more strange that we’re still focused on Jackson’s breast, and we’ve all but ignored the action that revealed it.

Yeezianity, Dudeism, and Other Pop Religions: Whatever Works

The proliferation of pop religions suggests that our culture is less and less interested in the veracity of their belief systems.

CAPC Podcast #5 – Christ and Pop Culture Relaunch!

Church in the Wild: When Churchgoers Turn Into Sports Fanatics

The problem isn’t that people love sports too much, but that they love them incorrectly.

Holy Relics: Testamints, for Fresh Breath and Clean Souls

While their decontextualized bits of scripture might not add nuance or depth to a person’s faith, the momentary reminder they offer of God’s promises to his Church is not a bad thing.

CAPC’s Approach to Culture: The Whole, Glorious Truth

We can no longer convince ourselves that we are merely dabbling in popular culture. The truth is, we’ve always been a part of it.

Authenticating Ourselves to Death

The most basic and essential truth of our existence is not our identity, but Christ’s.