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Today, Cray gets the scoop on the newly launched Christ and Pop Culture site from Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark and Managing Editor Alan Noble. Richard and Alan also discuss CAPC’s beginnings, how the site has grown over the last seven years, and their hopes for the future.

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  1. Please consider selling your magazine through other venues besides iTunes. I know it’s not intentional, but only supporting iOS devices feels a little exclusivist — not in a classist sense, but in the sense that you don’t care about people who may be late adopters and aren’t into Apple hardware.

    1. Thanks for the comment and interest! Please know that if we could be on other platforms we would be! It’s a matter of cost and time. it was cheapest and easiest to build an iOS app. And we don’t really have money.

      But we are very close to a solution for readers without iOS devices.

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