The Misguided Intentions of ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policies in Schools

Zero Tolerance policies may have been created in the pursuit of justice and safety, but they have proven themselves to be anything but.

CAPC Podcast #19 – Kids and Screen Time, The Hermeneutic of Suspicion

Learning to See Our Cultural Gospel

Where the Stars Are Strange: A Review of Noah

Aronofsky intends to transport his audience to a setting very far removed from the one that they first learned about in Sunday school.

CAPC Podcast #18 – World Vision, xkcd, DIVERGENT

Outside the Courtroom: How People, Not Merely Policy, Can End Abortion

Wherever we are, we can touch the unique lives of the individuals at the center of the storm that is abortion.

Is Christian Dating Incestuous? What’s Weird, Wrong, and Good about the “Sibling Rule”

To relate like a sister means to honor, to respect, and to protect, but in the context of dating, to extend the metaphor to abolish any hint of premarital sexual expression is stretching the text of 1 Timothy 5:2.

Walking with the Dead: Survivors’ Guilt

“Part of being able to live with themselves means that these characters have to feel that guilt.”

CAPC Podcast #17 – Faith and Videogames at GDC

Holy Relics: The Offering Plate

Each dollar in the plate is a gesture at bringing the logic of capital under another logic entirely, one that upends power and wealth and presumes to make the last first.

Michael D. O’Brien’s ‘Voyage to Alpha Centauri’: A Trip Worth Taking?

If O’Brien used his visual instincts to lavish greater imagery upon his subject matter, his writing could live up to the praise it has received in conservative circles.

The Kiddy Pool: Our ‘Much Loved’ Stuffed Animals

Our stuffed animals see us and cuddle us at our most vulnerable, and never complain as we lose our hair or our original shape or the full functioning of our limbs.

‘Found’: A Memoir That Teaches Us How to Pray

Boyett shows us that connecting with God doesn’t have to follow the same formula throughout your life.

CAPC Podcast #16 – Fred Phelps Is Dead, FROZEN, Infomercial Felonies

When All You Have Is Evangelism, Every Movie Looks Like A Tool

Should a film like “Noah” sink or succeed based on whether it is a seaworthy evangelism tool?

Are We All Just Fred Phelps Fundamentalists?

If we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of so polarizing ourselves against the tribe we disagree with, we can’t even bring ourselves to admit we worship the same Savior.