‘No Regrets’: Abortion Providers and the Women Who Would “Do it Again’

I see no clear political advantage to reaching out to these providers and women, but there is great spiritual advantage to sparking even the smallest light.

Separation and Sanctity in NBC’s ‘Parenthood’

‘Parenthood’ is mercilessly exact in its rendering of the wreckage that occurs when families fail to love each other well.

Dangerous Ideas: Academic Justice or Academic Freedom?

Academic freedom — the freedom to propose, pursue, and research dangerous ideas — is not something to be feared.

The Church’s Speech Impediment

“How can the Church it speak in a world trained to hear a stutter instead of a clear word?”

The Sovereign Good of ‘Community’ and Community College

Rethinking Shame

“The evangelical church must move from the image of expulsion from the Garden to the victory at the Cross, where our shame went to die.”

Fine Art’s ‘Ornamental Despair’: Chris Foss, Glenn Brown, and the Question of Artistic Authority

A fuller understanding of Brown’s use of Foss’s work would require first-hand engagement with the painting and training in art history. To do so, however, would require recognizing and accepting our current limitations.

CAPC Podcast #15 – NOAH, Harry Potter, Mark Driscoll’s Leaked Apology

Why I’m Still Over the Moon About Veronica Mars

Holy Relics: Church Basement Coffee

“What is this mystical drink, this gift of God to the people of God?”

Walking with the Dead: Not the way it is supposed to be

“Our expectations are constantly at war with our hopes.”

The Kiddy Pool: All Joy and No Fun

When my husband chafes at the line “These things are fun, and fun is good” in Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, I get it—because neither one of us sees fun as something we ought to be striving for.

‘The Twible’: Wrestling With God in 140 Characters or Less

The story ‘The Twible’ tells is sarcastic and angry and sometimes really ugly—and, in the end, beautiful.

Drive-By Truckers: Your Life Sucks and That’s Okay

I need encouragement, and I definitely need the gospel, but man, the honesty of the Truckers is refreshing.

How a City-Building Game Taught Me about Death and Contentment

If there’s something Banished has to offer us, then, it is a picture of the contented life.

CAPC Podcast #14 – March Madness, Lady GaGa, Patriarchy and Abusive Churches