CAPC Podcast #44 – GODZILLA & The Gospel, The Cult of Life Hacking, Answers in Genesis

‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and the Subversion of Human Nature

We may cheer for real-life heroes as if they’re beyond evil. But we understand completely when poser heroes in our fiction reveal their evil nature—and we favor their punishment.

Maya Angelou: An Ageless and Resounding Voice

If she can be accused of anything, it is that she always seemed to strive to speak to the present age from a posture of agelessness.

Yawning at Elliot: When Evil Is Boring

The mind-numbing dullness of Elliot Rodger’s videos is a reminder that evil is indeed a mundane thing, a relatively uninteresting disposition pushed a bit too far in the wrong direction.

Mad Men: Only Connect

Mad Men shows us how a technology like television can be an isolating force or one that gives us, as a culture, something to talk about and ponder and discuss.

Holy Relics: An Ichthus Car Sticker

The brazen minivan driver who flaunts his plastic ichthus does so without the specter of his own dismemberment looming in his mind.

CAPC Podcast #43 – Videogame Bullying, #YesAllWomen, Trigger Warnings

Beyond #YesAllWomen: Caring for Victims of Misogynistic Abuse

What happens next for these women who for a brief moment felt heard? How is the church going to listen and respond?

Persecution and Dialogue in Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”

Can Christians find common ground with homosexuals through persecution narratives like Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”?

The Unattainable Good Life of Elliot Rodger

Elliot wanted the Good Life that has been officially sanctioned, marketed, and promoted by our culture.

CAPC Podcast #42 – Christian Bestsellers, Abortion Waiting Period, Clickbait’s Virtues

CAPC Podcast #41 – Divorce Rate, As I Lay Dying’s Imprisoned Frontman, Introvert Craze

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 6 of Mad Men

There’s some awfully clear Biblical symbolism in this episode.

Big Lizard, Puny Humans: The Scale of GODZILLA

In Godzilla’s world we are dwarfed by beings far greater and older than ourselves, and our own best efforts cannot halt oncoming destruction.

LOL Interwebz: This Might Make Me Unpopular, but I’m Taking a Stand with Feminist Frank

That we are not deliberately contributing to the evil in the world is hardly an accomplishment; perhaps we should ask ourselves what we can do to lessen it.

Mad Men: Searching for Family

Mad Men gives us mirrors of our most basic fears and desires.