Spoilers, of course. If you haven’t already, make sure to read our full episode recap, Searching for Family.

  1. I would be remiss to not note, in the ongoing game of mortality bingo, that “My Way” is apparently the song most played at British funeral services.
  2. Some awfully clear Biblical symbolism in this episode, including Bonnie’s dirty feet that need washing (she’ll do it herself, thankyouverymuch) and the final shot, which pulls back from the table at Burger Chef to give us both a cathedral and a sort of Last Supper construction. Turns out Mike Leary saw it too (and writes about it comprehensively over at Filmwell).
  3. After I finish these reflections, I read some of my favorite writers on the episode. At Vulture, Margaret Lyons does a lovely, lyrical job of saying a lot of what I noticed above. Well worth the read.
  4. James Wolk as Bob Benson killed it this episode. Mad Men rarely makes me feel strong emotion, but I felt for Bob here.
  5. Clara the secretary is pregnant: yet another reference to the ongoing maternal world that Peggy is missing out on (though she’s been a pregnant secretary here before).
  6. As if to underline their connectedness, both Pete and Don tell their girls they want them to go shopping. (Of course they do. They’re in advertising.)
  7. Harry Crane . . . a partner? There’s a lot of partners at this table. Hint, hint.