LOL Interwebz: Six Things You Can Stop Telling People to Stop Posting on Social Media

Here are six things I’m sick of hearing you say you’re sick of seeing people post on social media.

Women, Infants, Children: WIC Vouchers, Whole Foods, and the Oppressed

When I was on WIC, I was reminded of my vulnerabilities, and the vulnerabilities of so many others.

Holy Relics: A Box of Tissues

Many others have availed themselves of those super-absorbent and inconsistently lotioned sheets over the years.

CAPC Podcast #51 – E3, Poverty Tourism, Facebook Personality Test, CAPC Blooper Reel

True Detective: A Good Detective Is Hard To Find

This Southern Gothic neo-noir crime drama is also a look at two men wrestling with their understandings of God and humanity.

The Kiddy Pool: My Grandfather’s House

“The loss of my grandfather aches within me, and it stings all the more because the line feels broken now.”

Christian Rock Star in Prison: As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis and the Pitfalls of Music Fandom

It is a mistake to assume that just because someone is in a band that claims the “Christian” label, they are a rock star.

#HowOldWereYou: Origins of a Heartbreaking Hashtag

It’s time for the church to stop being shocked and face reality with open eyes.

CAPC Podcast #50 – World Cup, Against YA Lit, The Onion’s “Clickhole”

The World Cup, whether adults should avoid reading young adult literature, and what the Onion’s Clickhole site says about clickbait.

God Our Father: The Beauty of God’s Choice

Not only has God given us life, but He has also chosen to identify with us.

Holy Relics: A Connection Card

In those days a decree went out from the Senior Pastor that all the newcomers should be registered.

Think Like A Freak: Admit Your Limitations

If we’re willing to admit we don’t know, we’re now in a position to actually learn from the situation.

It Takes a Church: Where a Reality Dating Show Based on a Worthy Assumption Went Wrong

The presentation of romantic love and fulfillment in It Takes a Church is deeply problematic, adopting our culture’s obsession with romance and personal fulfillment and calling it Christian.

Free Single for CAPC Members: Gray Havens’ The Stone

LOL Interwebz: Look on Bobby Light’s Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

What seems snarky and anarchic on a computer screen is cast as annoying and mean when bathed in the harsh light of auditory TV and placed in the mouth of a middle-aged guy in a suit.

CAPC Podcast #49 – Joy for the World: Engaging Culture with Greg Forster