CAPC Podcast #56 – Entrepreneur Barbie, Washington Redskins

How to Glorify God with Wizards, Captain America, and Spider-Man

Though God first reveals Himself in The Bible, He also gives us echoes of His Word and reflections of His image in secular novels and films.

CAPC Podcast #55 – World Cup Bite, Save the Bees

In Defense of YA: The Pleasure and Value in Young Adult Literature Rightly Read

Reading YA literature is not a matter of abandoning maturity and wisdom but of reflecting on how time can change readers as people.

LOL Interwebz: Why Internet Commenters are WORSE THAN HITLER

If Internet anonymity has proven one thing, it’s that we’re all more than willing to be absolutely horrible people if we’re fairly certain there won’t be any consequences.

Call for Feature Articles on Christ and Nation for CaPCMag!

Holy Relics: A Church Softball League Softball

He longs for the grace he knew those years ago when he could run and not grow tired.

CAPC Podcast #54 – Lana Del Rey, Facebook Kid Shaming, Funeral Poses

Gaining Steam: A Summer Videogame Sale Offers Opportunity for Community

The Summer Sale recognizes we project our natural and shared desire to belong within a community onto our purchases.

The Kiddy Pool: Class Consciousness and the Baby Shower

The Fault in Green’s Story

The Fault in Our Stars portrays spirituality, particularly Christianity, as irrelevant to the brute fact of this fast-fading world rife with sorrow.

Personal and Reverent Summer Porch Music: a Ship at Sea

CAPC Podcast #53 – Yo, Thomas Kinkade, Stumbling Blocks for Lust

How I Changed My Mind About Lebron, But Am Still Glad He Lost

Hoping the prideful will be brought down is enticing, but it’s very easy to move from that to hoping that they stay down.

CAPC Podcast #52 – American Soccer, The Trinity Effect, Middle Eastern Strife

‘The Slender Man Made Me Do It’: Compelled to Violence by an Internet Myth

If the character of Slender Man didn’t already exist, we would make him up, because we are always making up reasons to do bad things.