You’re Already Doing Internet Evangelism, so Do It Well: An Interview with Tony Whittaker

Amber Stamper interviews Tony Whittaker about raising awareness of how our online behavior matters.

Special Edition CAPC Podcast #68 – Considering Reparations with Thabiti Anyabwile

Holy Relics: Super 3D Noah’s Ark

It has now been twenty years since Wisdom Tree released Super 3D Noah’s Ark, and we still have not had our reckoning with its subversive and singular vision.

Do We Need Feminism?

Absolutely, gender oppression occurs, but oppression is rarely based on gender alone.

We Would Do Foster Care Again, Even Though It’s Nuts

It is difficult to think about loving a child again who isn’t legally mine, because my heart doesn’t know the difference.

CAPC Podcast #67 – Illegal Immigrant Burials, How Jesus Would Vote, Bibliotecha

Bibliotheca: What’s the Point of Making the Bible More Beautiful?

Must we approach the Bible like a work of art?

LOL Interwebz: Tumblring Toward Mediocrity

Adapting Depravity: Considering James Franco’s Recent Film Projects

Franco’s reworking of As I Lay Dying, Child of God, and—eventually—Blood Meridian invites Christian movie watchers to investigate the theological truth of human depravity.

CAPC Podcast #66 – Music Festivals, Persecution Marketing, Bombing Spectators

Holy Relics: The Wooden Pulpit

Each of these pulpits hides its true purpose, which is to bear the weight of the universe upon a slanted shelf.

Do Christians Have Poor Cultural Taste?

“We go to the movies and read books with a pre-approved ideology and plot already in mind. It’s like going to a get-together hoping to meet only ourselves.”

Humans of New York: Reclaiming the Image of God

The HONY project speaks to what it means to be human, to see the image of God in every person.

CAPC Podcast #65 – Pastor’s Suicidal Statement, Online Comfort, Columbus-ing

CAPC Podcast #64 – A Classy Soccer Fan, Fake Presidents, Dad Imperialism

Sex, Marriage, and the Prosperity Sex Gospel: A Review of The Virgins

The Virgins moves past Christians clichés by building them into something new and charming.