The Saddest–and Classiest–Soccer Fan

Notice how quickly pain, sadness, and suffering are shared and communicated on our blogs, Facebook feeds, and Twitter streams.

CAPC Podcast #63 – Weird Al, Tommy Ramone, A Ship At Sea

Looking Back at My “Left Behind” Fandom

I just wish more evangelicals realized Left Behind is still just end times fantasy and could have fun with it anyway, rather than taking it all so seriously.

Citizenship Confusion: The Fast-Food Culture Wars are BACK!

Farewell, Burger King. We’ll hardly miss thee.

CAPC Podcast #62 – Atheist TV, Homemaking Idolatry, Internet Commenting

What Are Millennials Really Saying About Marriage?

Church folk can probably slow down on building that compound out in the woods in preparation for the imminent social collapse following the next election.

CAPC Podcast #61 – Exodus Film, Prosperity Sex Gospel, Reading Rainbow

Christ and Pop Culture’s Illustrator Has Created an Insightful and Subversive Comic Book about Total Depravity

Call for Feature Articles on Shopping for CaPCMag!

LOL Interwebz: It Was an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yellow-Polka-Dot Colostomy Bag

Your body has been washed in the waters of baptism and made Beautiful for all time.

Deception Unto Destruction: Smoking and the Edomites

I’d have to lie to myself in order to smoke. And I did.

Holy Relics: A Brand Parody T-Shirt

Does a bait-and-switch involving a commercial brand and Jesus Christ fall within the category of a lesser moral duty suspended for the sake of a higher one, or is something other than a moral act going on?

CAPC Podcast #60 – Special Guest Greg Thornbury, “Non-Religious Religious Music,” Can Ads Change the World?

“Know What This Season is For”: An Interview with Allison Vesterfelt, Author of ‘Packing Light’

If God puts these deep desires in our hearts, there is something really powerful in removing that baggage and feeling them.

America the Foreign Land?

Many nations have claimed to be “Christian.” But the only earthly nation that God ever specifically sanctioned was Old Testament Israel.

Of Gods and Men: To Be a Nation of Christians

The normal position of the Church is that of “missional minority.”