CAPC Podcast #81 – Rid of My Disgrace, Poker, Redskins

CAPC Members Only Podcast #6: Boyhood Spoilercast

Clap along If You Feel: Pharrell’s 24 Hours Of “Happy”

Ultimately, “Happy” is a child playing make-believe; closing our eyes, plugging our ears and shouting, “I can’t hear you!” can only stave off the hurt for so long.

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CAPC Members Only Podcast #2: NBA Playoffs

CAPC Members Only Podcast #1: Noah Spoilercast

LOL Interwebz: I Was a Teenage Plagiarist

On the Web, we can all take as much time as we want to think through our responses and convince ourselves we’re in the right—we can even build up an army of fans to insulate us from any and all criticism.

The Simpsons and Us, Together Forever

While roundly skewering every type in every single town in America, The Simpsons always manages to make lemonade from our cultural lemons.

CAPC Podcast #80 – Emmys, VMAs, Ice Buckets

“Redskins” and the Power of Privileged Words

To love our neighbors well, we must consider the stories our words tell before we speak them.

Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation

I began to connect the theology that I was studying with the music I was listening to. The origins of both fascinated me.

CAPC Podcast #79 – ISIS, Plagiarism, Kevin Sorbo

A Cure for Beauty: How a Quest for Beautiful Music Turned into Something Greater

It wasn’t music I was chasing all that time, it was beauty.

CAPC Podcast #78 – College, Tony Stewart, Everything Sucks