Clickhole’s Existential Truth: You Are Not Okay

The truth behind the big joke that is Clickhole is that we’re not okay.

LOL Interwebz: There Will be a $500 Fine if You Fail to Share This Column on Facebook

There’s no shortcut to a good reputation.

Huckabee and the Heresy of Americanism

America might have providential historical significance, but according to the Scriptures it has no redemptive-historical significance.

Call for Feature Articles on “Outsiders” for CaPCMag!

Citizenship Confusion: Why Conservatism Needs an Imagination and a Purge

“Disgusting”—that is an actual word a GOP official used to describe efforts to encourage a black community to vote.

Free for CAPC Members: The Mockingbird’s Summer Issue and “This American Gospel”

Whenever I visit Mockingbird, I’m reminded of the steady and reliable nature of God’s grace, not only in the abstract, but concretely in the world.

CAPC Podcast #77 – The Church and Ferguson

Compassion: A Better, Biblical Narrative for Ferguson

I have lectured and led public discussions about the state of St. Louis’ disunion. But I have never so deeply felt the burden of its fears, its hopelessness, and, right now, its suffering.

The Kiddy Pool: Feeling and Memory in The Giver

“The beauty of the book is that we, like the characters, grapple with the hazy divide between utopia and dystopia.”

The Other Side of Ferguson: Local Churches Fighting Injustice

In Ferguson, Missouri, the church has quietly worked from dawn until dusk without much notice from the press.

Exodus: Gods, Kings, and Evangelical Headcanon

But especially after evangelicals’ debates over Noah earlier this year, Christians must reevaluate how and why Scriptural accounts should be adapted for movies.

CAPC Podcast #76 – Dark Dungeons, Depression Video Game, Culture Shaping

The Taste of Strawberries: Tolkien’s Imagination of the Good

One of the reasons that Tolkien’s stories continue to inspire us is that he does something few authors are able to do: he makes goodness compelling and desirable.

CAPC Podcast #75 – Ferguson, “Married at First Sight,” Language Police

The Riots in Ferguson: More than Old Wounds

The violent protests and the militarization of police response in St. Louis are a self-destructive language.

LOL Interwebz: ‘Christian Mingle,’ and Other Christian-Website-Inspired Movies We’re Dying to See

Those of us at CaPC feel that Christian Mingle is a great idea and think every Christian website should get its own movie. Here are a few suggestions.