Putting Story Before Agenda: A Conversation with the Director of “Believe Me”

“What we’re trying to push with this movie is that as Christians, you cannot approach making movies with an agenda in mind.”

CAPC Podcast #90 – Barnabas Piper, Preacher’s Kids, Morality of the Religious, NFL Fandom

Christ and Pop Culture’s Precarious Reality

This editorial kicks off a month-long membership drive.

Outside the Camp: Ferguson and Unity of the Faith

Am I ashamed of what my white ancestors have done to our black neighbors? Do I take pride in exceeding my white friends’ capacity to admire and understand others? Probably so.

CAPC Podcast #89 – Aaron Belz, Adrian Peterson, Scotland

Call for Pitches: Making Fun of Our World

Lecrae’s ‘Anomaly’: A Courageous Message in a Safe Package

In ‘Anomaly,’ Lecrae’s messages are holistic, insightful, interconnected, and true. His presentation is clean, mostly safe, occasionally dated, and a little too predictable.

Holy Relics: The TV Guardian

Does obstructing a premature thought of sex require us to forego an unsullied idea of hugs?

‘S.’ Marks the Spot: Navigating J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst’s Meaningful Maze

‘S.’ can help remind us of the need to soldier forth and forge relationships, across space, across time, across texts.

CAPC Podcast #88 – Family Gaming, Apples, Slow Reading

Doctor Who’s Doctrine: The Doctor of Philosophy

Behind each of series eight’s first three episodes seems to lie probing questions about not only the very identity of the Doctor himself but the whole concept of Doctor Who.

LOL Interwebz: Orange Is the New Jesus-Juke

The fact that we can identify a gap at all—and our instinct to fill it—is evidence that we live in an organized universe that we’re designed to understand.

Take Up Your Calvary: Wretchedness and Grace in McDonagh’s New Film

Calvary begins with a quote from St. Augustine. Small white letters fade onto a black screen, light surrounded by immersible darkness. The epitaph reads, “Do not despair; one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume; one of the thieves was damned.”

The Churchgoing Misanthrope Poet: “Plausible Worlds” by Aaron Belz, Free for CAPC Members

When I found out that Aaron Belz was going to let us include his collection Plausible Worlds in our member’s bundle, the first thing I thought was “That fellow is wise enough to play the fool,” and the second thing was, “I am basically sure that that is from Shakespeare.”

The Kiddy Pool: Remembering September 11

“We define ourselves and our cultures by what we choose to remember”

Presumed Guilt: Why We Can’t Afford to Blame Victims of Celebrity Leaks

If evangelicals want to be seen as friends to the sinner, or channels of grace in our sexually insane age, we can’t afford to be this careless.