The Kiddy Pool: Where the Heart Is

“To love is to trust someone else with one’s heart, and that is quite a burden for a child to bear.”

CAPC Members Only Podcast #7: CAPC Report 9-29-14

Call for Pitches: The Great Outdoors

Write for CAPC Magazine.

D.A.R.E., True Love Waits, and the Way Forward after Abstinence Programs

When we tell teens that the ultimate purpose of chaste behavior is to make sex and marriage satisfying, we invite them to judge every act in pragmatically hedonistic terms.

CAPC Podcast #93 – Derek Jeter, BELIEVE ME, Bill Simmons

Punk Rock’s Prophetic and Profane Outsider Community

When listening to punk rock, and when speaking with my “scene” friends, I encountered a subversive mix of the sacred and profane amidst the roughness, anger, and rebellion.

Christian Book about the Holocaust Banned from Charter School? Probably Not.

CAPC Podcast #92 – Satanic Children’s Books, Climate Change, Ignite Church

“Dying of Thirst”: Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City as Theology of Confession

The true force of Lamar’s understanding of life is that he has no space for a divide between theology and lived life.

We’re Halfway There. Help Us Achieve Our Goal by October’s End.

LOL Interwebz: To Grandmaster’s House We Go

The Internet has restored pop music to a place where it can bring generations together instead of driving them apart, even if your grandma still hasn’t heard of the rap DJ who’s almost as old as she is.

Communal Mourning: What Social-Media Grief Says about Us

The Kiddy Pool: It’s My Party

Learning hospitality and gratitude at a party.

CAPC Podcast #91 – Emma Watson, Chris Davis, Non-Christian Friends

Holy Relics: The Hymnal, Part 1

The Church’s songs convey its beliefs about God, but they also convey its beliefs about God’s world.

‘Famous Last Words’: A Jars of Clay Retrospective (Sort of)

We latch on to certain bands to the point where they become a concrete marker in our lives. With each release we catalog details about our lives at the time–and often how the music was present in those moments. Jars of Clay has always been that band for me.