CAPC Popcast #107 – Harvest Festivals, Ebola, Novels

The Strange Cases of the Blade Runner and Mr. Pistorius, or The Two Trials of Oscar Pistorius’s Body

In his two court cases, Oscar Pistorius’s body is separated from the rest of his identity, and whether he can control it or really loses control, he cannot control the eyes focused on his body’s every move.

Walking with the Dead: Finding the Good in the Bad

LOL Interwebz: A F[rea]king Terrible Viral Video

It’s not a matter of “either rape is bad or the f-word is bad”; they’re both symptoms of a culture that can’t take sex seriously enough.

Haunting Theology: How the Gothic Mode Can Speak to Christians

The Gothic is here to stay, and if we choose, we as Christians can be all the better for its presence.

CAPC Podcast #106 – Halloween, Sports, Voicemail

Fleshed Out: The Body and THE FLY

“Who will deliver me from this body of death?”—St. Paul

The Kiddy Pool: The Crayola Experience

“Our spiritual gifts reflect our experiences of God”

Is It Time to Quit Watching Sports?

It’s harder — and more worthwhile — to look for and champion the good things in any institution or arena, enjoying them for what they are, and working to facilitate them.

CAPC Podcast #105 – Karen Swallow Prior, Shia LaBeouf

MST3K: The Weirding of Film

The meaning that makes goofy riffing possible.

Call for Pitches: Panic & Paranoia

CAPC Podcast #104 – Sexual Assault PSA, Basic, Christians and Porn

How an iPhone Game Helped Shape My Response to Mark Driscoll

‘Spirits of Spring’ offers a way for players to attain an awareness of how bullying can become attractive for those with power over others.

Walking with the Dead: The Need for Forgiveness

The Great Outdoors: Remembering Our Stewardship

In today’s society, the structure of our living detaches us from creation—and thereby our stewardship—often in very unhealthy ways.