LOL Interwebz: Yes, We Crayon

In a world of infinite colors, there are still infinite pictures to be colored.

Inside the Metal Box: “Fury” Goes Where Most War Films Won’t

Fury is less about battle and more about how battle consumes its participants.

CAPC Podcast #103 – Personal Essay Plague, Comic Sans Typewriter, No-Pictures Kids Book

The Eschatology of The World Series

The World Series signifies the official end of summer’s leisure and a sign that the harsh winter is coming.

Superstition Has Not Made Kansas City Great; Love Has

We don’t love Kansas City because it’s better. We love it because it’s home.

CAPC Podcast #102 – Secular Music, Marriage-Destroying Parenting

Hearts and Minds: What We Can Learn From Gamergate

They yell, scream, and threaten so that they do not cry.

Walking with the Dead: The Character-Shaping Power of Community

CAPC Podcast #101 – JNCO Jeans, HBO, Columbus Day

Andrew Osenga’s “Soul EP”: Like an Old Friend that Understands, Free for CAPC Members

On the Soul EP, Osenga explores the difficulties of transition, raising a family, and understanding the brokenness in the world while clinging to the gospel.

CAPC Members Only Podcast #9: CAPC Diamond Blooper Reel

This Coke’s [Not] For You: Life on the Margins

We are all strangers.

LOL Interwebz: Why the Internet ♥’s Pedophiles

It’s easy to think of yourself as a “good person” when the standard for “good person” is “don’t be a pedophile.” The standard set by Christ is a bit higher: perfect obedience to every command, and nothing else.

The Kiddy Pool: The Blessing of Animals

“The Good Lie”: Discovering Love and Heroism in Unlikely Places

CAPC Podcast #100 – Snowden Privacy Advice, Imputed Spurs Character