Sia vs. Swift: A Pop Battle for Our Hearts

Both Taylor Swift and Sia are wildly successful at writing songs about themselves as their personal approach certainly connects with fans. But where these two artists diverge is far more interesting.

“Sing Over Me”: The Saving Grace of God’s Rescue

Sing Over Me opens up a safe space for homosexuals who feel — as Jernigan did — in need of rescue.

CAPC Podcast #99 – What Is Art, Gurley, Sperm/Race Lawsuit

Information Addiction and the Dilemma of Playing God

But what if knowledge wasn’t just the collection of information?

CAPC Members Only Podcast #8: Lecrae’s Anomaly

CAPC Podcast #98 – Children and Belief, Bill Maher and Islam, Digital Infidelity

Beauty for Ashes: The Hope of Beauty After Suffering

Nothing about my grandma’s descent into darkness was beautiful.

LOL Interwebz: Cage on a Plane

There’s an underlying cynicism in irony-drenched viral marketing, the same philosophy that undergirds the megachurch culture that made the ‘Left Behind’ franchise a hit in the first place.

The Left Behind I Wish I’d Seen

Even the original Left Behind novel series showed more truth and humanity than the soulless new movie.

Holy Relics: The Hymnal, Part 2

God’s happiness for people is seriously complicated, what with the bone-deep sorrow and the crying and everything.

CAPC Podcast #97 – Oprah, Proselytizing Cop, Sad Social Media Friends

The Walking Dead: Brokenness Will Find You

The Walking Dead speaks about us as it reveals our aches and longings. Our world is broken, and yet our hopes need not be dashed.

Believe Me: A Christian Film that Looks Inward

Believe Me quietly pushes its audience to assess at what point one can become so attached to Christian culture that it keeps them from Christ.

Jared C. Wilson’s ‘The Wonder-Working God’: Making Miracles Matter Again, Free for CAPC Members

This book is about seeing the glory of Jesus in his miracles.

CAPC Podcast #96 – Saturday Morning Cartoons, LEFT BEHIND, GONE GIRL

The Narrow Vision of Our Great Big American God

Rather than being about “our” great big American Christian God, Turner is mostly writing about “their” American Christian God, with the “their” in this case being theologically conservative white Protestant Christians.