CAPC Podcast #112 – The Gray Havens, War Games

Holy Relics: A Rocking Chair

But to look at a newborn is also to catch sight of the eternal nascence of the kingdom of God.

Beyonce Overtakes the Louvre: Making Space for the Other

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s romp through the Louvre, punctuated by pastes and posts to her website, highlights a potentially disturbing trend of our culture.

The Gray Havens’ “Where Eyes Don’t Go”: Imaginative Christian Music Reminiscent of Lewis or Tolkien, Free for CAPC Members

Their storytelling and the clear allegories come off not as preachy but as imaginative and devotional.

God’s (Still) Not Dead: 12 Modest Sequel Proposals

CaPC came up with the following ideas at our last pitch meeting, and each of them is 100% guaranteed to make for a positive™, uplifting™, and family-friendly™ viewing experience.

How to Succeed in Evangelical Twitterland

In evangelical Twitterland, content is not king; the appearance of content is.

CAPC Podcast #111 – Michael Jordan, Clay Aiken, Christianity in China

Call for Pitches: Finding Wisdom

We’re currently looking for feature articles on the theme, “Finding Wisdom,” for an upcoming issue of CAPC Magazine.

Beyond Escape: The Promise of Freedom in the Wilderness

The mountains that took my dad from me became the same hills I ran to for relief.

Walking With The Dead: When Only Survival Matters

LOL Interwebz: A Post-Postmodern Analysis of #AlexFromTarget

Here’s a postmodern hodgepodge of takes on #AlexFromTarget, from every imaginable philosophical angle.

Migos, The Beatles, and Ethical Laughter

Playful criticism that mirrors Migos’ tone seems to have completely supplanted any measured response to their disturbing posture toward women.

CAPC Podcast #110 – Assisted Suicide, White Privilege, Time Isn’t Real

Look to the Heavens: Interstellar and the Relativity of Our Perspective

The Internet: The Best and Worst of Ourselves

We know what the Internet is because it has taken over almost every inch of our lives. We can hardly get away from it.

Can I Upgrade My iPhone and Still Be a Good Consumer?

Is being a good consumer ultimately impossible?