Resolved: Be a Steward of Good Habits, Not a Savior from Bad Ones

What would happen if our New Year’s resolutions were aimed at being better stewards rather than better saviors?

Anthony Bourdain and the Dangerous Empathy of Food

Maybe, if we are willing to share a table with somebody, we will understand them. We’ll love them. “They,” who ever they are, won’t be other after a meal—they’ll be “us.”

Burn Your Bible College Degree

I am constantly astonished at how much I have had to unlearn, of realizing how much I don’t know, of admitting that I am possibly not the expert that I thought I was.

LOL Interwebz: Kirk Cameron’s Saving of “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas”

If a low rating on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes is indeed persecution (protip: it’s not), Cameron ought to “rejoice and be glad” about it, not stir up outrage (and with it, ticket sales).

The Best Is Yet to Come

The tragedy of lost childhoods can be redeemed and the wistfulness we sometimes feel over the past is an intimation and foretaste of a future of healing and joy and restoration.

Yuletide Intimations of Hope, Untarnished by Our Foibles

In all these Christmas symbols and practices, in all their manifestations and iterations and alterations, we see humanity’s earnest, finite attempts to express the ineffable.

The Kiddy Pool: The First Tooth

“The Hobbit”: The Battle of Delighting in Stories

Before I could enjoy The Hobbit films I felt I had to fight my own battle of five armies.

Marz Ferrer: Breaking Down Musical Prejudices and Defenses, Free for CAPC Members

Ferrer’s music defies simplistic definitions and categorizations.

The Online Selves We Hide Behind

Embracing the Ordinary in a Cyberworld of Extraordinary

The Christ and Pop Culture 25

The 2014 CAPC 25 Deliberations Podcast, part 2

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #5 to 1

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #5 to #1.

The Kiddy Pool: A Blue Christmas

“I find it unsurprising in myself that my Christmas joy mingles with sadness.”

Relieving the Ache of Christmas: Inviting the Heartsick In

What would happen if we started to integrate the sadder parts of our world with the declaration that the Prince of Peace was born?

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #10 to 6

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #10 to #6.