The 2014 CAPC 25 Deliberations Podcast, part 1

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #15 to 11

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #15 to #11.

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #20 to 16

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #16 to #20.

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #25 to 21

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #25 to #21.

‘The Look of Silence’: A Voice in the Wilderness

‘The Look of Silence’ guides us closer than many of us have ever been to the squirming heart of human evil.

LOL Interwebz: Clones, Emoticons, Big Macs, and Other Sacred Stuff

‘The Bible Translated into Emoticons’ and The McMass Project are now our banners, proudly flying before us to announce to the world that Christians can’t be trusted with anything sacred, ever.

How The Internet Brings Our Brokenness into Sharp Relief

Are we using the powerful, disruptive technology at our own fingertips to encourage, to think critically and compassionately, to spread shalom and create a “meaningful society”?

Unwinnable Weekly: A Personal, Constantly Evolving Games and Culture Criticism Magazine, Free for CAPC Members

If Christians believe that the truth of the gospel has the ability to win out in the marketplace of ideas, we need to champion outlets like Unwinnable that present opportunities for Christians to participate in those markets without so much as a side-eye.

CAPC Podcast #115 – EXODUS, Kirk Cameron, Year-End-Lists

The crew is joined by E. Stephen Burnett to discuss why Ridley Scott would back away from miraculous elements of the story in Exodus: Gods and Kings. We then cover Kirk Cameron’s bombed Christmas movie and the year-end lists that will soon be upon us (including our own).

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and a Theology of the Middle

While mid-life crises are notorious in our contemporary age for dramatic grasps at youth, Poehler shows us a more productive conclusion, albeit one still lacking.

The Kiddy Pool: Sinterklaas and Christ

“Something Good, Something Bad, a Bit of Both”: Natural Law, Nihilism, and Guardians of the Galaxy

It is precisely the contrast between the damaged yet ultimately sympathetic heroes and their maniacal foes that make Guardians of the Galaxy tick.

Love among the Pixels: Fidelity and Romance in the Digital Age

Just as the Internet has opened exponential possibilities for business, education, entertainment, and personal growth, it has also opened exponential possibilities for romance.

CAPC Podcast #114 – Thabiti Anyabwile, STAR WARS, Christmas

Holy Relics: A Crockpot

Lined with residual food stains, the ringed basin of a crockpot might contain clues about its age.

Will Exodus: Gods and Kings Fear the Fantastical?

I want Ridley Scott’s upcoming film to succeed, but why in an age of cinematic magic and miracles does the director seem to fear the fantastical?