CAPC Podcast #118 – Marz Ferrer, Heaven Tourism

Cinema’s Dismal Look at the American Dream

Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, and Foxcatcher all explore the potentials and liabilities of pursuing the American dream, pressing us to consider when the attainment of personal aspirations and achievements lead to the exploitation of others.

The Kiddy Pool: Feelings and Truth in Downton Abbey

Broadchurch and the Hard Business of the Truth

If there’s another TV mystery whose final reveal of the truth lands with the same crushing impact as this one, then I will readily eat the hat of your choice.

Listening Closer: The Mysterious Flight of Joe Henry’s “Sparrow”

“Sparrow” gives us much to consider: Music. Lyrics. Vocals. Musicianship. Recording dynamics. But for our purposes, a quick “sentence diagram” of the lyrics will help us pry it open and discover its still beating heart.

A Way Forward: What the Pro-Life Movement Can Teach Us about Racial Reconciliation

As distant as the issues of race and abortion appear on the political spectrum, at root, both ask the question of what it means to be made in God’s image.

Taking Evil Seriously: Terror in Paris and at Home

“Many of us believe that we are basically good and that following our ‘bliss’ will lead us to beauty and not brutality.”

LOL Interwebz: The Rise of Big Data and the End of the Culture Wars

By collecting data about behavior online, we learn what people actually do.

CAPC Podcast #117 – Terrorism, Golden Globes, This War of Mine

Pop Global Politics: When Entertainment Informs Policy

What happens when pop culture and geopolitics collide?

The Kiddy Pool: Back on the Oregon Trail

“Intolerant Liberal Friends”: Ark Encounter’s Culture-War Confusions

Can we build an awesome Noah’s Ark replica for God’s glory without attaching lesser evangelism excuses or taunts of atheist enemies?

Ronnie Fauss: Redemptive but Not Whitewashed Alt-Country, Free for CAPC Members

Ronnie Fauss is true americana.

The Truth-to-Power Heart Still Beats: Hip Hop Voices as a Vehicle for Change

One of the most powerful forms of protest to develop since the Civil Rights Era has come in the form of hip hop music, a genre built largely from the heart of protest.

Listening Closer: Finding Solitary Togetherness in “JM”

Music can lead us to those paths, into spiritual communion with total strangers. It can lead us to discoveries and resources from which the music was born. Within it, we can trace a genealogy of ideas, a network of inspiration, a history of generosity.

The Kiddy Pool: Rudolph’s Anniversary of Being the Light