Holy Relics: The Missionary Map

When will she grow, when will it be her time to go, when will all of those other verses she memorizes on Wednesday nights to get fake plastic jewels in her fake plastic AWANA crowns apply to her?

Christ and Pop Culture LIVE: With Real People, In a Real Space, With a Real Audience (We Hope)

If you’re a fan of what we do, you simply have to come, because we are afraid no one else will be there. But show up early because this thing is going to be off the hook and we’re sure the room will fill up probably.

LOL Interwebz: A Leaked Scene from ‘The Glitterfatherface’

News item: Man starts website ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com; is overwhelmed and disgusted within 24 hours.

“Does God Care if Your Favorite Football Team Wins?” and Other Theological Concerns

To think that God is uninterested in our quotidian cares is to take a surprisingly low view of God’s power and concern.

Priming Our Hearts Toward Empathy

Extending empathy is never easy or without cost. But if we consider the alternative—refusing to extend empathy to a world in need—it is no longer a matter of what’s easy or free.

CAPC Podcast #119 – Ronnie Fauss, AMERICAN SNIPER

His Truth Is Marching On: Selma‘s Clarion Call

The saga of Selma echoes its clarion call to Christ’s body today to be faithful heralds of truth and justice, to live and labor in the hope of what we still can’t see except in fleeting glimpses and furtive glances.

The Kiddy Pool: Paddington and Strangers in Our Midst

Baptizing “Masculinity”: The Real Reason Men are Leaving the Church

Too often, when we talk about “attracting men” to church, what we mean is tricking men into walking in the door by baptizing whatever infantilized conceptions of masculinity the broader culture has invented.

Listening Closer: Breaking Up is Hard to Sing, Björk’s “Stonemilker”

You can follow a whole narrative in this song, and a fuller story throughout the album: the dawning realization of a lover’s despair and fear of death; the frustration in trying to reconcile differences, and getting no help.

Shut up and Shut Out: Pursuing Wisdom by Saying Less

In order for wisdom to characterize how we speak about love, suffering, truth, goodness, and beauty, we must learn how and when to shut out and when to shut up.

CAPC Members Only Podcast #11: Broadchurch Spoilercast

Franco and LaBeouf: The Wizards of Oscillation

In the art-off between James Franco and Shia LaBeouf, Shia LaBeouf is winning.

Glory Hunger: A Book that Confronts an Innate Human Struggle, Free for CAPC Members

While this isn’t a pop culture book per se, it models good cultural engagement by showing cultural awareness of something innately human that takes a problematic turn and then speaking to it cogently from the Scriptures.

Step into the Spotlight: Seeing Ourselves in “American Sniper” and “Selma”

While American Sniper allows for an uneasy questioning of its protagonist’s jingoism to linger beneath the surface while simultaneously crowding it out, Selma seems too wrapped up in portraying history’s warp and woof, content to offer up its characters as mere players in an inevitable and necessary battle.

Holy Relics: The Full Armor of God (Playset)