Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock, and the Right Kind of Reason

Spock’s dedication to a life of controlled emotion is admirable—is, in fact, in a sense quite Christian.

Self-Deprecation as Defense and Disclosure

Seeing and Believing 3: How Should Christians Interpret TV/Film and Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups

Wade and Kevin are joined by Josh Larsen to talk about how Christians should interpret film and television, and Terrence Malick’s new movie, Knight of Cups.

Moral Clarity in ‘Grantchester,’ Or What’s Oprah Got to Do with It?

In ‘Grantchester’ moral quandaries abound, and Sydney is not afraid to get stuck in one quagmire or another, because he is fully human, which includes being spiritual—dealing with the part of ourselves that is a counterpart to the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

The CAPC Digest #4: The Lazy Storytelling of ‘Black or White’ with D.L. Mayfield

Holy Relics: The Choir Robe

The choir robe is a symbol of conformity, representative of an individual voice joining a crowd of voices, subsumed.

Pink Champagne, Tequila Eyes, and Drunk on Love: The Romance of Us and Our Daughters

Us and Our Daughters’ two albums represent a long story of romance, beauty, hardship, loss, rediscovery, and joy.

Burn After Listening: Concept Albums with Impossible to Say

Agent Carter and The Bletchley Circle: Pursuing Justice in a Weak Society

Like Deborah and the other prophets, Peggy Carter and the Bletchley Circle use their gifts to pursue whatever justice may be attained in a weak, fallen world.

Persuasion: Likeabililty, Snow Day Movie Picks, Multi-Level Marketing

Listening Closer: Giddens, Tharpe, and a Musical Communion

Community is what draws me to artists who focus on something besides themselves, who seek to respect the greatness that has inspired them and to give new, lasting life to occasions of beauty, vision, and excellence. That’s what draws me to Rhiannon Giddens. To Sam Phillips. To Sister Rosetta.

What’s Their Problem? Sharing Our Pews with Sexual Abuse Victims and Survivors

The first step in creating a healthy atmosphere for survivors and recovering offenders is to focus our empathy on the survivors.

Sunday Oldskool: “Fire Squad” by J. Cole

‘Whiplash’: The Pearl of Great Price

Even if Whiplash gets jazz all messed up, it tells the parable of the pearl of great price perfectly.

LOL Interwebz: The Blood of Your Tweets Cries out from the Ground

Twitter is the closest we’ve ever been to having a window into other people’s brains. And there’s the rub: our brains are terrible, horrifying places.

‘Parks and Recreation’: No Mid-Level Bureaucrat Is an Island

Few shows have given us a chance to see what happens after what we might label a perfect ending. In moving and managing the show forward three years for its last season, Parks and Recreation shows it understands how time necessarily reveals our inherent need to create meaningful relationships.