Burn After Listening: Coming-of-Age Music with Jeffrey Overstreet

“More Postcards From Purgatory” by Harrison Lemke: An Album that Understands Pain, Free for CAPC Members

More Postcards from Purgatory captures the emotional life of someone living in between heaven and hell, and sends back some pretty accurate data.

The Road to Glory, Paved in the Everyday

Glory hunger primes our attention for moments, like playoffs and championships, when it is most likely to emerge. The regular season will have its moments, but greatness emerges in the postseason.

The Christ and Pop Culture Podcast Network Starts Now!

Today, I’m happy to introduce The Christ and Pop Culture Podcast Network.

The Kiddy Pool: The Desire for Parental Approval

Transhumanism Is the New Gnosticism

Transhumanists, like Gnostics, tend to place little importance on our bodily appetites, reducing them to the level of distractions.

The CAPC Digest #3: Representation in Fresh Off the Boat with Helen Lee

Seeing and Believing 2: As It Is In Heaven and Oscar Best Picture Talk

Wade and Kevin talk with director Joshua Overbay about his new film, As it Is In Heaven. Plus, they discuss their favorite best picture nominees for the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards.

Sunday Oldskool: “Life: The Biggest Troll” by Childish Gambino

Persuasion: Episode 1

Listening Closer: Prayer Songs, Our MP3 Liturgies

Through the practice of those songs, I absorbed them. They would come to me in hard times and times of celebration, and I would pray them aloud. What’s more, when I sang I felt an exhilarating surrender of my immediate burdens and concerns, and a sense of connection to something larger than myself.

A Farewell to Anberlin: Lost Causes and New Seasons

We’re on the same side of the stage now.

ChristianExaminer Deceives Readers about Russell Moore

The CAPC Digest #2: Joe Rigney + Does God Care if Your Favorite Football Team Wins?

Is It Right For Christians To Call Our Enemies “Savages”?

We need to be aware of the way our largely white, largely Western location shapes the way we hear and use moral language.

Holy Relics: The Campfire

Why go out into the wilderness if not to meet God-The-Consuming-Fire, hands outstretched to toast marshmallows over His light and warmth?