The Kiddy Pool: The Shepherd’s Voice

I wonder if the problem is a lack of clarity in God’s voice or my own failure to listen.

Finding Death’s Sting with Sufjan Stevens on ‘Carrie & Lowell’

You get the impression Stevens would like to stick his finger in Paul’s chest and tell him exactly where death’s sting is.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong with That: Seinfeld, Satire, and Self-Deprecation

A true satire indicates that something is wrong and needs to be changed—but does Seinfeld even hint at an alternative? Is there a moral core?

Sunday Oldskool: FFM Recap

Behind the Happiness of Down Syndrome

People with developmental disabilities are God’s agents and teach us something about him and his ways. But we also need to advocate and stand up for them.

Seeing and Believing: The Jinx, Life Itself, and Documentary List-Making

LOL Interwebz: I Spent $10 to Tap the Lucky Cactus, Which Is, Unfortunately, Not a Euphemism

I now see that superstition was never a serious threat to my faith, any more than fear of superstition was.

Rediscovering Beauty, Truth, and Magic in ‘Cinderella’

In Branagh’s ‘Cinderella,” what’s old is made new, and we have rediscovered that what we thought was a flat and tired old story has a new dimension and is full of life.

The CAPC Digest #8: Guns Don’t Grill Bacon, People Grill Bacon

Burn After Listening: The Weird World of The Anthology of American Folk Music

‘BoJack Horseman’: Am I Good?

What does a surreal animated show aimed at millennials have to say about goodness?

The Irony, Grief & Terror in Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker The Berry”

Persuasion: Values-Based Decision Making, with Preston Yancey

Listening Closer: “Let It Go” Syndrome and the Hadestown Musical Cure

Both “Let It Go” and “Why We Build the Wall” depict people responding poorly to negative situations; believing their actions will keep them safe, they become, in fact, imprisoned.

Under New Management: Christ and Pop Culture’s Future

Confessions of an Opera Dunce

Even those of us who don’t understand high culture very well can splash around in the shallows.