Sunday Oldskool: “Stress” by Organized Konfusion

‘Inherent Vice’ and Divine Virtue: Fellowship with the God Who Sees Us

Unlike Shasta’s seedy companions, God will never cast us ashore due to our inherent vice.

Seeing and Believing: Reboots, Remakes, and Lincoln

LOL Interwebz: Guns Don’t Grill Bacon. People Grill Bacon.

What does it mean that a video described—albeit with some irony—as “maybe the most American video ever” is essentially a double-barreled death-celebration?

Weaving Songs into the Soul: An Interview with Matt Papa

Matt Papas has always had a passion to teach the Bible and for theology and music; his work is a marriage of those two things.

The CAPC Digest #7: Don’t Call It Political Correctness with Valarie Dunham

Burn After Listening: Garden State Soundtrack with Colin Stacy

‘Making Manifest’: Creative Spiritual Formation, Free for CaPC Members

Making Manifest asks readers to engage in a holistic worship of God–involving mind, body, and spirit–combining devotional practice with imaginative reflection.

Wanderlust & the Kingdom: Traveling for Kingdom’s Sake

Until everything is made new again, our travels will take us to people and places in need, whether we travel to breathtakingly beautiful islands halfway around the world or to ordinary places close to home.

The Kiddy Pool: Frozen Fever, Cinderella, and Servanthood

‘Where We Started’ Is a Picture of What Christian Cinema Could Be

It won’t wow viewers with amazing special effects, but it does manage to find some wisdom in the mundane — which is arguably a much greater accomplishment.

Persuasion: The Pursuit of Higher Education, with Karen Swallow Prior

‘Redeeming Mathematics’: Finding the Glory of God in 2 + 2 , Free for CAPC Members

You don’t need the spiritual gift of mathematics to understand God’s eternal truths made evident in the simplest of addition and subtraction.

Listening Closer: How to Be Uncool, Songs We Dare to Love

It’s important to highly prioritize critical discernment and humility when we talk about music, movies, books, and other aesthetic experiences. God calls us to excellence, but that doesn’t stop him from using anything available to break open hearts so they are better able to receive him.

Return of the Actual Christians

Prime time TV needs more characters who offer a depth and complexity to Christianity that is too often absent in popular culture.

Sunday Oldskool: “Chum” by Earl Sweatshirt