Sunday Oldskool Episode 69: Soul Music and the Gospel Impulse with Mary McCampbell

Empty Bottles & Worn-out Mixtapes

There are chapters of our lives that frequently play across the cinema of our mind, which, if we are not careful, have the capacity to define the rest of our days.

CAPC Magazine, August 2015: Enemies Among Us

As God’s former enemies, we know firsthand the transformation that’s possible when creative displays of grace and mercy are shown.

Seeing and Believing Episode 27: ‘The Wolfpack’ & ‘The Nightmare’

The CAPC Digest Episode 23: Policing with Embrace with Officer Tommy Norman and Mary McCampbell

‘The Harp Family Hymnbook’: Dusty Old Hymns Made New, Free for CAPC Members

‘The Harp Family Hymnbook’ reveals that regardless of genre or sound, the story of Christ’s love for us remains the heart of our worship.

How to Defund Planned Parenthood

A serious proposal to defund Planned Parenthood should have a generous political concession to help prove that pro-lifers don’t want to leave women’s healthcare out to dry.

Persuasion Episode 25: The Skin We’re In

Lose, Gain, Repeat: ‘Something, Anything’ and the Pilgrimage Toward Freedom

Having gone through the wilderness, we are forever changed…until the next cycle begins. We lose. We gain. Then we repeat.

Sunday Oldskool: Rap Trope Blasphemy, Jay Rock Prophecy

Seeing and Believing Episode 26: ‘About Elly’ And ‘Call Me Lucky’

From Cthulhu to Christ: Why H. P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Despair Is Still Worth Reading

Lovecraft reminds me of just how small and loathsome I truly am apart from Christ; and he does so with carefully wrought and vivid imagination.

The CAPC Digest Ep. 25: Fixing FIFA: Is a New Beginning Possible? with Ethan McCarthey

Is Love ‘UnREAL’? The Danger of the Romance-Industrial Complex

‘UnREAL’ forces us to face the cruelty behind the Romance-Industrial Complex, and our own complicity as viewers.

‘Birds of Relocation’: Flying from Darkness to Light, Free for CAPC Members

Eric Peters’ ‘Birds of Relocation’ resonates with a grounded hope for which we all long.

Policing with Embrace: How Officer Norman Loves His Community

North Little Rock’s Officer Tommy Norman practices a type of policing rarely seen on our TV screens.