Persuasion Ep. 24: To Tell the Truth

An Unlikely Knight of Faith: Roy Neary’s Religious Journey in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Spielberg provides a story both of spiritual and evolutionary significance for the entire human race.

Sunday Oldskool: Armond Wakeup Talks King Los, Part 2

Seeing and Believing Ep. 25: Kevin Reports from the Glen Workshop

Loving the Poor: Pics or It Didn’t Happen

Conservative Christians should bring the rich resources of the Church to bear on how marriage and sexuality affect our fragmentation that feeds inequality.

Work Matters: Finding Meaning in Our Daily Toil, Free for CAPC Members

Work Matters by Tom Nelson, Christ and Pop Culture’s latest offering to members.

Irrigating Deserts: How Film Transforms and Causes Us to Love Our Neighbors

When we watch films, we are temporarily displaced from our own reality in order to participate in another world, which itself bears resemblance to our life.

Sunday Oldskool: Armond Wakeup Talks King Los, Part 1

Armond Wakeup joins the show to drop knowledge on the new King Los album, “God, Money, War”.

Focus on the Family

I was told for so many years to focus on my family, to make it good and strong and holy. But now all I ever want to tell my daughter is that it is sometimes those who speak the loudest about morality and spirituality who are all bluster and bluff.

Seeing & Believing Ep. 24: The ‘Mission Impossible’ Franchise And Spoiler Free Review of ‘Rogue Nation’

The CAPC Digest #24: Challenging Quarrelsome Discernment Blogging with E. Stephen Burnett

Infinite Loops: Daily Déjà Vu and Other Familiarities

How can we move forward in trust that God is doing something new when we feel a bit like Phil Connors in ‘Groundhog Day’?

“Is It Too Late to Change the Name?” Redemptive Identity in Ant-Man

Ant-Man takes on the identity of a hero first, and only starts to act like a hero afterwards.

Persuasion Ep. 23: Angry on the Internet

Survival and Life in ‘Wayward Pines’

What makes ‘Wayward Pines’ particularly intriguing is the way it dramatizes the distinctions between truly living and merely surviving.

More than a Sequel: Heaven Is Our Reboot

By recognizing our desire for the good things of our past as a deeper desire for a lost perfection, we can surrender it to God for spiritual renewal.