Cool Takes: Of Blood Moons, Papal Visits, and the End of the World

Every day is an apocalypse of sorts as we make our way back to God.

The Next Page: Community and Creativity in Reading ‘The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings’

A reminder that the struggle for creativity amid daily toil is both ordinary and worthwhile.

We Have Met the Nerds, and They Are Us: Fandom, Fanfic, and the Landscape of Desire

Nerd culture is about desire, and that has implications for the Church’s mission.

Persuasion Episode 30: Ask Us Anything

Enemies and Friends in the ‘Halo’ Franchise

It was grace, and the relationships born out of that act of grace, that transformed Thel ‘Vadam.

Listening Closer: The Search for Wonder in Wilco’s ‘Star Wars’

Wilco’s ‘Star Wars’ is an album for believers content with — even excited about — uncertainties.

Zealots of Violence: ‘Sicario’ Creates a World That’s Thrilling, Dark & Our Own

Sicario is one of the best, most thrilling films of the year.

The CAPC Digest #29: Beyond the Booth – How ‘Broadchurch’ Makes Confession Communal

Drew and guest Hannah Anderson talk about her article on communal confession as seen in Broadchurch Series 2.

LOL Interwebz: Only ’90s Kids Will Understand the Crippling Emptiness of Human Existence

If we’re demanding that our childhood be recycled over and over, perhaps it’s because adulthood as currently conceived of has very little to offer us.

Fathers in Video Games: Seeing Ourselves on the Screen

What makes a good father? Surprisingly, video game narratives have a lot to say about the choices a father makes for the sake of society and his own family.

CAPC Magazine, September 2015: Walk Like a Man

What does it mean to be a man? This issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine tries to sort it out.

Persuasion 29 | Should Women Put on a Happy Face?

Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss Carly Fiorina’s brilliant response to Trump, as well as the Stop Telling Us to Smile campaign.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 72: Scarface with Doc, Part 2

Where Cyclical Violence Dies

Stories of extreme revenge, whether fictional or real, help us to see the cycles of vengeance in our own hearts.

“The Future Belongs to Those Who Control Information”: Superman and Our Fear of Surveillance Technology

The current ‘Superman’ run is all about unearthing our latent fears about being human in a post-Snowden society, where information is always up for grabs.

Seeing and Believing Episode 30: The Shyamalan Cast

Join Wade and Kevin for creepy spoiler free review of ‘The Visit’ and retrospective on M. Night Shyamalan