LOL Interwebz: Ice, Ice Bucket? …Too Cold.

Like the best charity crazes, the Ice Bucket Challenge let you feel good about yourself without actually having to do anything.

‘Death Parade’ Peers into the Darkness of the Soul

Death Parade explores the consequences of sin and the tension between justice and mercy.

‘Saturate’ Discipleship: Out of the Coffee Shop and into Community

Jeff Vanderstelt’s ‘Saturate,’ this month’s CAPC Member Offering, calls us out of coffee shop discipleship and into one another’s lives.

CaPC Digest Episode 28: The State of the Late Night Wars

Tig Notaro’s Comedy of Dying

Comedian Tig Notaro turns her cancer diagnosis into the heart of her stand-up routine, making death itself the joke.

Persuasion Episode 28: Sad Funerals Are So 2014

Listening Closer: Idling Above It All in Courtney Barnett’s “Elevator Operator”

In “Elevator Operator,” Courtney Barnett tells the familiar story of our attempts to rise above life’s petty stresses and regain perspective.

Encountering the Enemy: Using Film to Nurture Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In this and every conflict on earth—between races, between nations, within families—do we have the courage to meet our enemies and discover ourselves in them?

Sunday Oldskool Episode 71: Scarface with Doc, Part 1

Call for Pitches: Womanhood

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “Womanhood.”

Christian Hospitality and the Abortion Industry

It is not enough to call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood; Christians must continue to take the call to show hospitality seriously.

Seeing and Believing Episode 29: ‘White God’ And Top 5 Movies For Fall 2015

LOL Interwebz: Get off My Lawn and Honor the Time Cube

On this sad day, when we all learn that the Time Cube is no more, remember: none of us is the Wisest Human.

Knifing the Darkness: Reflections on Wes Craven’s Legacy

A string of challenging moral quandaries flow like rivers beneath Craven’s films.

CAPC Magazine, September 2015: A Unified Kingdom

The latest issue of CAPC Magazine focuses our gaze toward those on the margins of our homes, churches, schools, and society.

The Late Night Wars & the Culture Wars: What Colbert and Fallon Can Teach Us

The Late-Night Wars just might hold the key to the culture wars, as Colbert debuts his new version of The Late Show while managing to stay friendly with his late-night TV competition.