Seeing and Believing Episode 38: ‘Master of None’ And TV Recommendations

Wade and Kevin debut a new, blind TV recommendation segment as well as discussion ‘Master of None’ from Netflix.

The CAPC Digest #34: Missions vs. Defending American Values

Drew and Tyler are joined by guest Nathan Valle to discuss the intersection of missions and national security while touching on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine: ‘New Cruel People’ vs. ‘Prepared to Forgive’

Christians can learn from the Doctor’s fight for peace in the recent Doctor Who story “The Zygon Inversion.”

LOL Interwebz: Please Notice How Cool I Am When You Read This

It’s less about the product itself than it is about who sees us using it and what they think of us for doing so.

Cool Takes: Life and Death on the Internet

It hurts everywhere. In Beirut, in Paris, in Syria and in Missouri, USA, in all the many, many places I forgot to name.

Loving Our Syrian Neighbors: What We Can Learn from the Betsy-Tacy Books

Even today, characters in the Betsy-Tacy series of classic children’s books have something to teach us about how to treat the stranger in our midst.

CAPC Magazine, November 2015: Virtual Worlds

Like the world we live in, the virtual worlds we create are just a shadow of a better world to come.

Touchdown Jesus: Every Mav Was Right In His Own Eyes

Losing makes you crazy, and the Christian fan is not exempt from being possessed by irrational fan demons.

Changing the World Requires Changing More Than Your Avatar

Our hunger for human flourishing outstrips our patience for the work necessary to achieve it.

Persuasion Episode 37: When to Use Your NPR Voice

Erin and Hannah have a talk about the NPR Voice and the how things can start to sound the same.

Making Space for Taylor Swift and My Past

Taylor Swift’s 1989 sums up much of my journey and the decades that have made me the woman I am now.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 77: Listening to Rap as an Outsider

What happens when an outsider to rap listens? Brad Williams joins Sam and Cray to explore intentional listening.

Private Sins Made Public: ‘American Horror Story’ and the Hotel of the Fallen Man

This season of ‘American Horror Story’ follows characters whose private suffering becomes public business due to the very nature of a hotel.

Seeing and Believing Episode 37: The Bond-cast

Wade and Kevin resist the history of the Bond Franchise along with special guest Ryan Holt while giving a spoiler free review of ‘Spectre’

The CAPC Digest Episode 33: Whole Foods, Internet Outrage and the Financial Disconnect

Drew and Tyler are joined by regular guest Luke T. Harrington as they tackle internet outrage, yuppies and organic food chains on a budget.

LOL Interwebz: The One Where I Get Mad at the People Who Are Mad at the People Who Are Mad at Starbucks

If you’re going to take a moral stand on social media, maybe you should try taking one that actually requires a tiny bit of courage.